10 South African celebs and their designers model their fur-free designs for Fur Free.
Louise Carver speaks out against fur on the Expresso Morning Show on SABC3. She also performs her song '400 Miles' for the very first time.
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Jenna Clifford is a true animal lover who undertook a huge project to raise awareness about the horrors of fur. Her company produced a special series of "Fur Free" collectible spoons, master crafted in the finest pewter, which were marketed to members of the public prepared to take the "fur-free pledge". All proceeds went towards ending the atrocities associated with the fur trade. Jenna has also begun adding a special version of the Fur Free logo to her adverts.  
Fur Free is a registered NPO that operates entirely from donations received from people who feel strongly about ending the atrocities committed towards animals in the fur industry. These are the people who enable us to fight for the helpless and to speak for the voiceless.
Who are we?
Fur Free was founded in South Africa in February 2009, in association with the International Anti-Fur Coalition. We are affiliated to Beauty Without Cruelty

What is our mission?
To strive for the total abolition of all fur farms and the use of fur worldwide;  and, until this is achieved, to work towards ensuring the humane treatment of animals in the fur trade worldwide.

What projects are we working on?
During our first year, we've been focussing on the following projects:

Atrocities suffered by animals on fur farms
Millions of cats, dogs and other fur animals are subject to horrendous conditions, violent handling and an the most inhumane death, many of them
skinned alive for their fur.

The sale of real fur in South African shops
An estimated
5 400 cats and dogs are killed for their fur in China alone every day. The skins of these and other fur animals are used worldwide as complete garments but even more prevalently in the form of fur trim on jackets, toys, hair trinkets and numerous other products, sold in many South African shops every day.

The mislabelling of real fur as faux fur

The slaughter of seals in Namibia
Adapted from material provided by Nikki Botha,
founding member of Seal Alert, South Africa


The slaughter of seals in Canada

Meet the team
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Special Fur Free Campaign:
269 Fur Free Vigil-2013
In July 2013, Fur Free SA, Beauty Without Cruelty and The Seals of Nam held a funeral march for the seals through the streets of Greenside and Parkhurst, which was covered by e.tv and other media.
South African celebrities who support the cause.
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Seals of Namibia
protest march, July 2013
Mr Price Home
Babbette's, Pretoria
Sudwala Gift Shop
Hillfox Market
Hydraulics, Sandton
Checkers Stores
e-News interview with Anneke Malan and Tricia Davis at the start of the March - click any of the images to see the video.
Despite being informed of the horrors of the fur industry, the following retailers have chosen to persist in their sale of real fur:

San Marina shoes
Morgan boutiques

Anneke Malan - Fur Free chairperson - above
Tricia Davis - Gauteng co-ordinator for the Seals of NAM - below
See the full video of the March throught Greenside and Parkhurst, Johannesburg. - click the picture of the march
say-no-to-fur.wmv namibian-seal-slaughter

The truth about the fur trade - how they pass off domestic pet skins as faux fur
The truth about fur farms - The gross cruelty and suffering
How you can help Fur Free South Africa fight the fur trade
About us and our mission statement - Fur Free South Africa's stand against fur farms and the fur trade

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